Welcome to Modern Plastic Recovery

Modern Plastics was established in 1991. We are a high density polyethylene #2 reprocessor

About Us


Welcome to our plant

Our plant recycles HDPE, to be used for feed stock in our Haviland Plastic Products nursery containers and for Drainage Products, Inc., drainage tile.


Working as a team

Our goal is to work as a team to produce the highest quality material we can. From our sorters to our supervisors, everyone plays an essential role. Here you see one of our team starting the process by sorting excess trash before it enters the washline grinder. 


The Finished Product

After cleaning and drying, the material is stored until needed. Safety is a top priority at MPR as well as the other Haviland companies. 

     Our guiding principal:  We will be honest and moral in everything we do.

Contact Us

Modern Plastic Recovery

113 West Main Street PO Box 38 Haviland, OHIO 45851

(419) 622-6003


Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm